I am a hands-on ad/ cd who leads teams to solve problems via design and technology.



Tim Stevenson is an agency creative director with over 15 years of experience. He comes from the art side with a love of clean design and large images. His work spans: branding, experiences, campaigns, e-commerce, social media, online advertising, and applications.

Recently Tim has been working with the start-up TalkShopLive on their new social selling platform. Previous to that he has done projects with the experience agency FakeLove. In 2015 he work at BBDO on the I.T.G. and Visa accounts.  While at Vogue he worked within their agency there he art directed, online, Facebook and social campaigns for: Balmain, JBrand jeans, Saks and Fendi. these campaigns often had social, commerce and branding components.Prior to Vogue Tim work at JWT as a CD on Microsoft Office, Bing and Rolex accounts, Bing work received industry and public accolades and helped tighten the race with Google.

Tim started his career in Boston at Arnold on the Volkswagen account as the first digital art director for the brand. Outside of advertising Tim has a secondary career as a contemporary artist who has a Master of Fine Art. That work focuses on sculptural objects and social performance within public space.


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